TruHeight Sleep

TruHeight Sleep

Promotes a naturally restful sleep*

TruHeight Sleep Gummies contain a responsibly sourced collection of 4 active ingredients: L-Theanine, Melatonin, Lemon Balm, and Ashwagandha. These 4 ingredients work together harmoniously to achieve the best sleep - resulting in healthy height growth.

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What it does

  • Promotes optimal sleep
  • Helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Unlock natural growth hormone with deep sleep

Science of Growing

  • Height Growth is an intricate process that requires several hormones to stimulate various biological events in the bones, organs, muscles, and blood. A protein hormone secreted by the pituitary gland called growth hormone (or "human growth hormone") is a key player in these events. Growth hormone is released throughout the day, but the most important factor for release is deep sleep.

How it works

  • Lack of sleep and stress can cause stunted growth. Ashwagandha helps manage the stress hormone cortisol and the body’s response to stress with continued use. Ashwagandha also helps improve sleep quality.

How to take

  • Take 1 gummy 30 minutes before bedtime. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.


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Fell asleep in
an hour or less.

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We formulate with clinically proven nutrients and source with great care.
Every ingredient is meticulously tested to ensure that all of our supplements are pure, potent, and effective.

L- Theanine
Lemon Balm

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
He Grew Two Inches

My son grew two inches since using this! Very impressed with the reuslts.

My Insomniac Son Is Finally Sleeping

My son is small, and she's struggled with sleeping. My husband and I both know that sleep matters, so this supplement is an absolute godsend for this. Will buy again!

Perfect for Children who Need to Grow but Can't Sleep

My children desperately needed something to help with their sleep troubles. This is it, and I do agree this is good for kids who also have sleep deprivation issues and growth issues.

Terrence H
Son is Falling asleep Better ande growing Taller

We know that sleep is good for kids, and for my son, he struggled with sleep. But, now, he's sleeping better and he's grown about 3 inches so far.

Harry J.
Definitely a Great Supplement

I'm pretty contented with the way this supplement works. I'm going to get it again, because my son mentioned he's finally getting sleep after struggling with insomnia

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Have Any Queries? We’re Here

Yes, TruHeight is legit! Our supplement was developed and formulated after researching a large range of medical studies. We have achieved an accurate combination of organic ingredients to naturally help your body achieve its maximum potential height.

TruHeight works by supplying your body with scientifically proven ingredients to reach your maximum potential height. A recent study from the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that 70% of U.S. adolescents are lacking nutrients essential to bone growth. TruHeight capsules contain these essential nutrients.

Yes, TruHeight was formulated by chemists, nutritionist, and doctors to make the best blend of ingredients. All ingredients have been shown to be safe in researched studies. Our height capsule is manufactured locally in the United States.

We are happy to never have received any reports of side effects.

No. Truheight is an all natural blend of herbs and vitamins.


Take 1 gummy 30 minutes before bedtime. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

Typically results will show between 3-6 months.

TruHeight is FDA compliant and is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Since TruHeight is a dietary supplement, it does not fall under the purview of the FDA.