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Max Height
Getting the height

You won’t regret it I promise

Happy to know it's working for you!

Max Height
Kayden C.
Growing Inches in Days!!!

I’m now a believer! This is the real deal and not a placebo snake oil product. My 14 year old daughter is growing at a rapid rate and it’s helping her basketball game tremendously. We have been recording her results on the wall with dates. These last 10 days she grew over a quarter of an inch. The last 2 months she has grown over an Inch. She is now taking the protein shake hoping to get even more results. This is her secret weapon and won’t tell anybody she takes the product and everybody keeps saying, “wow you look taller!”

This is great news!! Happy to know that your daughter is reaping the benefits!

Max Height
It really works!!!

My son grew an inch tall in less than a month. This product is amazing👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Amazing result, Arlita! Thanks for your feedback.

Awesome Product

Best investment we've made towards our Active Sons future in sports.

Supporting your son's health and well-being is truly an investment :)

TruHeight Sleep
alex Yela
Truheight sleeping gummies

the true height sleeping gummies definitely help!

Thanks for the feedbacl! Happy to know it is effective for you.

Ok till now

I bought the sleeping gummies and the growth gummies. They taste well and they are do not affect by mood or stomach, but I still haven't seen any results, I started at 72 inches and I am still there. I want to buy more but they are very expensive. I will keep you updated if I see any results.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We appreciate your support and hope to hear positive results in the future.

So far So Good

I have gotten many compliments about my height since starting TRUHEIGHT. I’m in my 3rd month now and super excited to reach month 6. I recommend going with chocolate protein shakes because imo they taste better than vanilla

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with TruHeight! We're so happy to hear that you've received compliments about your height and that you're excited to continue your journey. Your recommendation for the chocolate protein shakes is noted – taste preferences can vary, and it's great to know what works best for you.


Truhieght has helped me grow

That's incredible progress! We're thrilled to see how Truheight has positively impacted your growth journey. Thank you for sharing your transformation with us. Keep up the great work, and we're here to support you on your path to growth!

Definitely noticing growth!

Both of my boys take the vitamins and we have seen growth in their height. My oldest son plays basketball in college and when he returned back on campus after the summer, he had several coaches and teammates commented on him looking taller. My younger son has also grown since taking the vitamins and now he towers over me and has almost caught his dad in height. We have definitely seen growth since starting the vitamins a few months ago. Thank you

That's fantastic to hear! We're thrilled that you're experiencing growth. Keep up the positive progress!

They Truly Help!

My son was 12 and about 5’6 when I started him on these gummies after doing some research myself and finding these. He is now 13, a little over a year using the gummies and the protein powder as well and is 6’1”! While I’m sure natural growth is a part of that equation I know for a fact that these products and good sleep attributed to his growth! I attached a picture where we mark a door frame and measure his height. Th month and year are beside each mark. 5/22 he was 5’7 to 7/23 he hit 6’1” ….He is a hooper, so height is important to him! Naturally I have referred so many people being are around major basketball tournaments year round, I’ll bet over 100 people are buying you product from our referrals alone ! Great product, try them for yourself fellas! Thanks TruHeight! Only thing is, he wishes you’d bring the original natural flavored gummies out, he loved those 🤣

TruHeight gummies they really do work for height growth

I was very skeptical about taking TruHeight I wasn’t sure if it was going to work for me I went to Target to by my self a measuring tap so I measured my self I saw that I grow an inch I could not believe that I grow an inch my height was 5’3” 1/2 I thought it was still 5’3” 1/2 then when I measured my height it said 5’4” I am really happy with TruHeight watermelon gummies thank you so much TruHeight for these delicious gummies I will continue to keep taking these this stuff is incredible it really works my goal is to become 5’10” 1/2 I hope to reach that height if your looking to grow a couple of inches and want to be come more taller these are definitely the gummies for you don’t give up anything is possible you can grow taller at any age this your chance to become somebody you have always wanted to be


My husband is 5”11
Me 5”1

My daughter is 11 years old and has always been on the smaller side in height. She started out 5th grade measuring 4”6 1/2 and only grew 1/2 inch in 7 months. These are supposed to be big growing years and I was starting to get concerned. We started this product in March with her measuring 4”7 and I’m here today to tell you she has grown over 2 inches and has gained 9 pounds. We are absolutely thrilled. Even our pediatrician was shocked to see how much she had grown. We are loving this product and I will say we have been very consistent taking them everyday!!
First picture was end of February second picture was this week in May. 3 1/2 months difference!!!

Really works!

Here are before and after photos from my 12 year old. 1 year apart. He has grown over 6 inches. Now 5’4”. Now he is starting to go through puberty but he’s excited to keep growing taller.

Great ingredients, kids love it.

We have three kids and are always looking for ways to increase their protein intake without adding sugar. The kids drink it mixed with water alone and as the base for chocolate milk. Thank you!

Complete nutrition for kids, delicious taste!

I have a picky eater and I’m always trying ways to bring the most complete nutrition as much I can to my children.They loved this shake chocolate flavor, taste good! I couldn’t be more glad for that because the ingredients and formula is great!I’m making smoothies everyday mixing with frozen fruit and vegetable milk and they drink it happily everyday.Love it!

My kids love it!

My kids will not take vitamin capsules, but they love this! Tastes pretty close to chocolate milk, I even tried it myself. I highly recommend parents get this for their little ones.

Delicious drink!!

Very delicious drink and easy to mix.. my kids love it. I usually add little bit of Peanut butter or banana, but just by itself its great… definitely recommend this product

Great product!!

This product is amazing! Truly works wonders! It tastes great and it’s easy to consume. Definitely worth the price. 10/10 would recommend!

Easy to Drink and Sweetened Artificially

This protein powder mixes easily. I added two scoops (the scoop is included) to 12 ounces of water and mixed it using a small whisk. You could use a shaker bottle or a hand blender, but it mixes quite easily.The chocolate flavor is tasty and doesn’t have a strange aftertaste like some of the bottled protein drinks I’ve tried. A serving contains 16.5g of protein and there are 15 servings in the package. The only downside for me was the artificial sweetener which I am not fond of. I prefer natural sweetener in small amounts. The ingredient label on my package looked slightly different than the listing as it contained not one, but two artificial sweeteners. It uses Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose for sweetness. If you are ok with that, it’s easy to drink and contains a good amount of protein.

Yummy taste!!

This doesn’t taste like most protein shakes, it’s very delicious…not gritty at all! My Son liked it too. :) you get a lot of product for the price too.I will definitely be purchasing again!

So tasty, will order again

My kids love the taste and the feeling, will order again

Good nutrition, very expensive

TruHeight Growth Protein shake has 18 vitamins and 16 grams of protein per serving. It's backed by medical research and proven to be effective.On the plus side, my kiddos liked it and drank it willingly. It was a treat for them.The main downside is the cost. This bag of powder is 15 servings @ $4 per serving. That's $120 per month. Multiply that by the number of kids you're serving... and YIKES!If money is no issue, by all means enjoy this product, but for me, it's out of my budget.

She says its, Yummy!

I selected this product because while I try to provide a balanced diet, sometimes I still worry that my daughter does not have enough of the right nutrients. This is especially true when we have extra events added to her daily schedule and she just eats a slice of pizza because it’s quick. However, mixing up a protein shake is just as fast and this one is made for kids, so I do not need to be concerned that it might have additives only suitable for adults. The bag is easy to open along the prepared tear notches and there is a measuring scoop included. The protein shake mixes well and I have not had any problems with residual lumps, which is important because texture matters a lot to my daughter, and she avoids eating or drinking things with textures that she does not like. Also, the bag is well designed. It stands up on its own after it is open and it has a built in ziplock to reseal the contents after use.I like the fact that this Growth Protein Shake offers a lot of vitamins and minerals! I am also pleased that my daughter likes the taste! She wants to grow very tall, so she is thrilled with the idea of drinking a Growth supplement! She has a sensitive palate and will often refuse food with too much salt, acid, or bitterness. Therefore, I often blend the protein shake with yogurt, fruit, and Agave syrup. She looks forward to drinking it after school, and says it tastes, “Yummy!” After she has it, I feel better about the vitamins and minerals she has access to and I also worry less about letting her have fast food for dinner on the nights when she has extracurricular activities.There are 15 servings in the bag for about $60 and that is a little too dear for my budget if she drinks it every day, but I can keep it available for days when her schedule is too busy for a full meal at dinner. That way she can keep drinking it as a snack, have fast food for dinner, and still make it to her activities on time. I do take her to see a nutritionist, so if I ever need to raise the amount of protein or vitamins in her diet beyond what I am already providing by limiting her protein shakes to the busy days of her week, the nutritionist can let me know. Additionally, my child is sensitive to pesticides according to her nutritionist, and my daughter did not have any poor reactions to this protein shake, so I consider it a good option for her.I awarded five stars to this product for taste, ease of use, including quality ingredients, appealing presentation, and bag design.

Great protein powder selection. Although a high price per serving.

This chocolate protein powder is great for kids, but it can also be taken by adults as it full of vitamins and minerals, as well as a great protein count per serving. With this, it is also non-GMO and it tastes great, especially when blended with ice and milk and even a banana.The one thing worth noting is the price point. This 1.56 pound bag of chocolate protein powder is $60, and only contains 15 servings. I find this to be quite expensive, especially if you are incorporating this into your daily routine.

My kid LOVES it!

My son is a picky eater and under weight and I was worried he’s not getting enough nutrients to help him grow. After some research, I settled on this protein shake because each serving has 16.5 grams of protein.I thought my son would fuss but surprisingly he loves the chocolate flavor and for the past 10 days he has been drinking it everyday. I feel good about giving him this and since the bag has 15 servings, it’s time to order another.