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Is the Vitamin Supplement I'm Taking Healthy for Me?

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Now a days there are numerous product options when it comes to growth vitamins and supplements. They have ingredients sourced from lands near and far, but one question remains front and center, "is this actually healthy for me?". TruHeight's approach was to find ingredients that not only aided the growth process in people up to age 24, but to also utilize a nutrient rich blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Let's dive in to see what's under the hood. 


Ashwagandha, botanical name Withania Somnifera, has many proven health benefits. It's most important trait is reducing stress and anxiety. According to a clinical study ashwagandha worked for participants in multiple ways. First by reducing stress, which then lead to better sleep quality thus creating the needed time for the body to grow. The study also showed ashwagandha helped increase athletes level of maximum oxygen consumption. This is extremely important for athletes looking to increase their performance on the field. To read more about all of the potential benefits of ashwagandha visit

Calcium & Vitamin D-

Calcium is an essential part of any healthy diet, an elemental chemical that helps with natural bone growth and density. Our proprietary ingredient called Nanometer Calcium has greater absorption capacity compared to normal Calcium, thus increasing the speed of bone growth. Vitamin D works in tandem with Calcium as it helps the body absorb it effectively which is essential to bone growth and development. By design, TruHeight's proprietary blend is made to work with the body to support an environment for maximum growth potential. The long term benefits of well sourced vitamins can be seen in our results


Did you know that collagen makes up over 90% of our bones? This makes it an obvious must have to increase bone density and health. Yet over time our body produces less and less of this vital bone health protein. Anyone looking to increase bone density and strength would be well served to increase collagen intake. Most importantly, making sure it is from a high quality source will ensure the best possible outcome. 

All the Growth Without the Filler....

What's not in a growth supplement is arguably just as important as what IS in it. TruHeight gummies for growth are made without artificial flavors or synthetic fillers. The good vibes don't stop there however, all ingredients are also non-GMO and dairy free. Always make sure to read ingredient labels when adding a new supplement to your diet and be sure to be on the lookout for artificial fillers or ingredients. Avoiding unhealthy product fillers is a small step in the right direction for many of us. Small amounts of unhealthy fillers can add up when taking a daily vitamin. Rest easy knowing TruHeight products are made with your health in mind!

Facts and Figures-

Artificial ingredients can be found in many different products. According to Everything Food an artificial ingredient is man made using chemical reactions. They are not plant or food based and do not occur naturally. This is why it is imperative to keep them out of our bodies. We cannot break down the artificial chemicals and they can then build up in our systems causing unwanted side effects. Getting the maximum growth height potential from our bodies includes not putting harmful ingredients in them. 


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