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The Connection Between Sleep and Growth

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The Connection Between Sleep and Growth

To sleep or not to sleep?

Have you wondered whether or not sufficient sleep will help you or your child grow? 

Are you searching for ways to grow taller? Aside from eating a balanced diet, being physically active, and taking your TruHeight growth supplements daily... There's one crucial thing you can do at home, and – best of all – it's holistically beneficial. Surely you've heard of it from your parents, grandparents, and even some friends. It's called sleeping! 

As outrageous as it may sound, is there any truth to it? Can it be scientifically proven or explained? It's time we find out the truth behind the connection between sleep and growth.

Why Sleep Is Important For Child Development 

Sleep is as important as nutrition and exercise when it comes to the growth and development of children. However, rest has often been absent in children's health messaging. When sleep is considered, the focus is typically on sleep problems.

Getting enough sleep is essential for your child's growth and development.

The first few years of life are marked by significant developmental changes, including critical periods of brain development. During these critical periods, children grow and learn during sleep. Sleep is one of the brain's primary functions, and growth hormone is released during sleep.

The Connection Between Sleep and Growth

So, what happens throughout the day, and why is sleep so vital to growth? 

During the day, your child's body uses its energy on growth and development - but at night, it shifts gears into recovery mode. In this mode, special bone cells called osteocytes work together with the body's other cells to repair microscopic bone cracks and heal fractures while regulating the body's calcium levels. These project-management cells direct the remodeling process by signaling cells called osteoclasts - which remove minerals from the bones when their calcium levels dip too low.

That's all possible because of a hormone called human growth hormone (HGH), which is produced during sleep. During adolescence, it's said that the brain actively releases growth hormones into the bloodstream while in a deep sleep (usually about an hour after falling asleep). This helps in the thickening and lengthening of our bones as we grow.

Children and teens need to get enough sleep to allow the growth hormones to be released by the brain. A report by Sleep says that children aged 6 to 13 should sleep 9 to 11 hours every day, while teens aged 14 to 17 need 8 to 10 hours. 

Apart from (HGH), we grow taller during our sleep thanks to our intervertebral discs (a disc-like material between each joint in our spine). It acts like a shock absorber and allows movement of the spine. During the day, the intervertebral discs are squished as we wake up, stand, and do our daily activities. This means we lose around one percent of our height. When we sleep in the night, it gets to recover and return to its natural state whenever we sleep.

Using TruHeight Sleep To Promote Healthy Sleep Cycles 

TruHeight Sleep Gummies contain a responsibly sourced collection of active ingredients that work together harmoniously to achieve the best sleep - resulting in healthy height growth. Sleep better, grow better!

What It Does

  • Promotes optimal sleep
  • It helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Unlock natural growth hormones with deep sleep

The Science Of Growing

  • Height Growth is an intricate process that requires several hormones to stimulate various biological events in the bones, organs, muscles, and blood. A protein hormone is a critical player in these events. Growth hormone is released throughout the day, but the most crucial factor for release is deep sleep.

How It Works

  • Lack of sleep and stress can cause stunted growth. With continued use, Ashwagandha helps manage the stress hormone cortisol and the body's response to stress. Ashwagandha also helps improve sleep quality.

How To Take

  • Take one gummy 30 minutes before bedtime. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

If you want your kid to grow up healthy and strong, you need to ensure they get enough sleep every night. 

And if you want them to thrive, try ensuring they get good sleep during their first few years of life - when critical periods of bone growth, bone formation, and brain development occur.

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