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How Does My Posture Affect My Ability to Grow Taller?

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Posture is something often viewed in a negative light. Whether you are slumping in your chair at work, or spending too much time looking down at your phone we often realize the negative things we associate with posture. However, there is a flip side to the coin where a conscious effort to better our posture could help us reach our true height potential. In this blog we'll look and the 3 best and worst things you can do to affect your posture and ultimately your height.

Let's take a look at 3 of the most common negatively impactful posture positions and how to correct them. 

1) Using Your Phone While Seated. 

Although this is probably the most common way most cell phone users utilize their device, it's also the cause of terrible posture. Using your phone while seated causes your head to drop down towards the ground ultimately causing a "slouching" affect on the entire body. This compounds the compression already happening on the spine while seated. A great way to correct this is by trying to elevate the handheld position of the phone while using it to meet "eye-level" therefore preventing the head and neck from dropping down to see the screen. 

2) Exercising Infrequently.

Movement and exercise are vital to maintaining a healthy body. In today's lifestyle many people find themselves going from seat to seat. From their apartment, to the office, and back to their apartment afterwards. Yes, they feel tired at the end of the day due to stress and lack of sleep but physically their body is crying out for movement. Movement helps us retain muscle mass, increase joint flexibility, and activate our respiratory systems. Scheduling multiple movement sessions per week is a great way to turn around the negative of living a sedentary lifestyle. Even walking for just 30 minutes can activate major benefits for our body's.  


3) Consuming Foods That Cause Inflammation.

You might ask, what does inflammation have to do with posture? Inflammation is the leading cause of chronic pain in the majority of adults. But, inflammation has another side effect, the pain it causes tends to make us utilize our body's in a less than ideal way. We may stop going to our weekly exercise, or begin walking with incorrect strides. This all leads to a negative impact on our overall posture and height. Reducing inflammation is something the TruHeight team kept in mind when blending its proprietary formula. Made with Ashwagandha, TruHeight Vitamins help fight inflammation and reduce stress in the process. This can have a huge positive impact on overall health and wellness. 


Now for the fun part! Let's take a look at the 3 best practices for bettering our posture and ultimately helping us reach our true height potential. 

1) Stretching. 

Stretching daily has a incredible benefits for our overall bodily health. If we look at it with height growth in mind we can focus on the positive effect it has on our muscles and their ability to pull the skeletal system into the correct position. If your muscles are tight from long hours of sitting and an overall sedentary lifestyle they can begin to retract and pull the skeletal system into an unwanted position. Frequent stretching also helps the body to filter toxins which were laying dormant deep within muscle tissue. Stretching is also a great precursor to item number 2 which is...

2) Spinal Decompression Exercises.  

You may be asking yourself what that even means, or you may have seen videos and images of a weird looking devices which holds someone by their feet in an upside down position. Although there are many ways to achieve it, the end goal is to relieve the spin of the daily pressure gravity puts on it. Sitting, running, and even sleeping are all daily activities in which our spines feel the pressure of gravity and compression. How often do we consciously make an effort to give our spine a break? For most of us, it's close to never. In the long run this leads to an early reduction in height due to the humpback effect. If you think of an elder who has succumb to this and feel hopeless against the inevitable, spinal decompression exercises are a great way to reverse this process. 

3) Believe It or Not... Staying Hydrated!!! 

The body needs hydration to function, most know that. However, the body also needs to be properly hydrated to remain in good posture. Think of what happens to someone when they are dehydrated. Cramping is the most common side effect of being dehydrated. With the theme of compression and retraction cramping fits right into the list of negatives pulling the skeletal system downward. Remaining hydrated will boost the body's ability to relax its muscles and obtain an optimal posture. It is also a major benefit to our brain's ability to function as being dehydrated actually causes brain tissue to pull away from the skull which causes headaches and irritability. As we've referenced in the past TruHeight Vitamins aid not only height growth but also sleep by reducing anxiety. A great complement to a well hydrated body. 

TruHeight Vitamins come in two forms Capsules and Gummies! We recommend taking them for 6 months to see best results.  

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