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Can an Increase in Calcium Help My Bones Grow?

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Calcium is commonly thought of as a bone solidifier, but the biggest misconception occurs when it is not thought of as a growth supplement. Calcium is one of the most important nutrients a child can incorporate in their diet. It helps the body grow during the sleep cycle and ensures that a person's true height is reached by aiding the sleep cycle. Calcium is not just a bone supplement, but rather a height supplement that helps the growth process during sleep. Truheight vitamins not only contain the calcium needed for bones to grow, but stress relieving ingredients such as ashwagandha. Relieving stress helps enable natural processes that occur during quality sleep such as HGH production. This is a key naturally produced hormone that is crucial to height and bone growth. Below we outline the ways Truheight supplements help your child's growth cycle. 


Parents worry about plenty of things when they have a growing child but diet and height growth often come to the front of their mind. 

How can I make sure my growing child is growing to their full potential? Calcium intake is commonly talked about when referring to a child's health but not their height. This can lead to a growing child missing out on a very important nutrient in their diet.

Surprisingly, calcium intake is often directly related to bone health and growth but it is also one of the most important factors in bone growth during adolescence. Knowing this fact, many parents would opt into having their children meet their ideal calcium intake every month. However, many young children fall short of the ideal calcium intake. Introducing TruHeight Vitamins into your child's diet can ensure a proper intake of calcium while they're growing. This helps their growing bones strengthen and encourages lengthening of their muscles and bones during the growing process. 

Trying to ensure your child grows to their full height is no exact science. However, you can realize that a nutrient deficient diet is going work against their growth. Truheight gummies and capsules come in two easy to take forms that offer children and adults alike a daily supplement to their height growth. This helps ensure a full supplement of calcium and nutrients to boost your child's ongoing growth process. No more worrying about the extra cost of groceries or meat that is typically thought of as the first recourse to help a child who may be falling behind their peers. Just the peace of mind that comes with supplementing your child's diet with Truheight Vitamins and Nutrients. 


We have outlined the 6 most important factors to height growth in our infographics and encourage premium quality and sustainably sourced ingredients in our products.


View our excerpts below to understand how supplementing your diet with the correct vitamins and nutrients can ensure your true height potential is reached. 


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