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Foods containing natural magnesium

Why Magnesium for Kids Is Crucial for Growth and Development

Written by: Christian Kent Aguillon



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Ever had one of those days where your little one is just not themselves, maybe a bit moody or anxious? We've all been there, right? Let's chat about something that might not be on your everyday radar but is super crucial for our kiddos' growth and development - magnesium. Sometimes, the answer might be as simple as adding a bit of magnesium to their routine.

But what is Magnesium anyway? It’s a mineral that can be found in various foods and occurs naturally in your child's body. It's one of the essential macro-minerals, along with calcium, phosphorus, and others, that your child needs for a healthy life.

The magic of magnesium isn't just about growing taller or stronger. It's also about feeling good inside. We'll tackle why it's so important for your kids, look out for signs that might show they need more, and share some cool tips on boosting magnesium for kids intake. After all, we want to make sure they're not just growing, but thriving! 

Why it matters

This vital nutrient is an incredibly important mineral for your kids' health, right up there after calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Think of it as the fuel for energy production, the guardian of balanced blood sugar, a supporter of our immune system, and the secret behind strong bones and muscles. Pretty cool, right?

Now, when it comes to our little ones, magnesium acts as a vital supporter during their growth spurts. As they're building strong bones and their nervous system is preparing for life's big adventures, magnesium is there to ensure each step is steady and successful.

But here’s the tricky part - spotting low magnesium isn't always easy. Your kiddo might feel a bit more tired than usual, maybe a little weak, not too hungry, or just 'off'. And it's not just about feeling tired or weak; magnesium is also behind the scenes in brain health and mood. So, keeping an eye on their magnesium intake is pretty important for their overall happiness and health.  


Key Benefits of Magnesium Intake for Child Health

Happy Child

Nighty Night

  • You know those precious nights when the kids sleep soundly? Magnesium's behind that! It helps calm their little bodies down for bedtime. It is as if a natural lullaby in their system.

Smiles All Around

  • Notice how a good mood can make everything better? Magnesium helps turn food into serotonin, that feel-good brain chemical. It's like a natural little mood booster, perfect for those grumpy afternoons.

Smart Sparks

  • Magnesium is all about brain connections, helping kids focus and remember things better. Helps boost those learning muscles!

Play All Day!

  • Ever wonder what keeps your kiddos running around like they've got endless batteries? Magnesium helps power their cells, keeping them energized from playtime to bedtime.

Strong and Steady

  • Just like building their favorite tower with blocks, magnesium helps build strong bones and teeth. Think of it as your little one’s body is under construction, making sure everything's sturdy and strong.

Sugar Balance

  • With all the treats and sweets, keeping blood sugar in check is super important. Magnesium's on duty here, helping keep everything balanced and in harmony.

Tummy Troubles Be Gone

  • Remember those tummy aches and the dreaded constipation chat? Magnesium is like the gentle regulator, keeping those little tummies happy and moving things along.

Little Warriors

  • We all want our kids to fight off those pesky germs, right? Magnesium teams up with vitamin D to keep their immune systems ready for battle, but in a nice, balanced way.

Digestion on Point

  • With all the things our kids eat, we want their tummies processing food like a well-oiled machine. Magnesium is a big player here, making sure everything in the digestive assembly line is working smoothly.

Relax, Don't Spasm

  • After a big day of play, our kids' muscles need to relax. Magnesium is like the calm coach, telling those muscles to chill out and take it easy.

Spotting a Magnesium Deficiency

Have you noticed your little one feeling more tired than usual, getting a bit cranky, or maybe not as strong during playtime? These could be signs they're not getting enough magnesium.

Not getting enough can lead to fatigue, weakness, and more serious health issues like muscle spasms and bone problems. It's especially common in toddlers who might not be eating a varied diet. Ensuring they get enough magnesium is key for their overall health and development.

And you know, if it goes on for too long, it might lead to some bigger issues, like their bones not being as strong or some hiccups in their growth. If you're seeing any of this, it might be a good idea to chat with your doctor, just to make sure everything's on track. Better safe than sorry, right? 

magnesium deficiency

Recommended magnesium dosage for kids

Based on guidelines from the Office of Dietary Supplements, the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of magnesium for little ones in the USA changes as they grow. For infants, kids, and teens, it ranges from 30mg to 410mg per day, depending on their age and whether they're a boy or girl.




Birth to 6 months

30 mg

30 mg

7-12 months

75 mg

75 mg

1-3 years

80 mg

80 mg

4-8 years

130 mg

130 mg

9-13 years

240 mg 

240 mg

14-18 years

410 mg

360 mg

5 Healthy Magnesium-rich Foods For Kids


This leafy green is like a secret agent of nutrients, including magnesium. It's super for growing bodies and brains, plus it's gentle on their little tummies.



Just like its cousin spinach, chard is brimming with magnesium and other goodies like vitamin K, which are great for strong bones and sharp minds.


Pumpkin Seeds

These aren't just fun to crunch on; they're mini powerhouses of magnesium. They help with bone growth and development keeping those little muscles working just right. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Yogurt or Kefir

These creamy treats are more than just tasty; they're loaded with magnesium, calcium, and good bacteria. They're like a triple threat for healthy bones and happy bellies. 

Yogurt or Kefir


Tiny but mighty, almonds pack a punch with magnesium, healthy fats, and protein, keeping your kiddos energized and smart as a whip.


Want to give your toddler's growth a little extra boost alongside all that good stuff magnesium offers? Check out TruHeight Bone Growth Gummies. These gummies are specifically designed to support growing bodies, complementing magnesium's benefits such as strong bones, better sleep, and overall well-being. While you're doing a great job with magnesium-rich foods, these gummies come in as the perfect sidekick, focusing on building strong bones and ensuring your little one gets the best start.

In summary..

Magnesium is a key player in your child's health, vital for everything from restful sleep to strong bones and a happy mood. It's important to keep an eye out for signs of deficiency, especially in growing toddlers. Remember, a balanced diet rich in magnesium-packed foods like spinach, yogurt, and almonds is essential. For an extra boost, TruHeight Bone Growth Gummies can complement your child's diet by focusing on bone strength and overall development. Let's ensure our little ones get all the magnesium they need to grow up healthy and strong!