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Thousands of parents and teenagers are rewriting their growth stories. You can, too.

No matter your child's age, genetics, or height goals, there's a growth-enhancing nutraceutical from TruHeight® for you.


"I was worried about my son Liam’s growth and I was also looking for healthy supplements for both of my kids and wanted them to get plenty of rest as well. They were taking another well-known sleep gummy brand but that brand was giving my kids nightmares. It was horrible how they would have bad dreams. One time they woke up screaming and that’s when I knew I had to find another supplement. I found TruHeight® and vetted every ingredient in their list. I felt comfortable to start my kids off slowly with just their sleep gummies. I was so happy that with TruHeight® my kids got rest but no nightmares.

So I transitioned my son Liam onto TruHeight®’s full Max Growth system and he grew about 3 inches in just a few months. Liam’s healthy height growth is very important since he plays basketball and is already nationally ranked as the top 17th basketball player for 2023. We love the TruHeight® brand."
-Nikki Zeno


TruHeight Before and After Result
TruHeight Before and After Result
TruHeight Before and After Result
TruHeight Before and After Result
TruHeight Before and After Result

No es magia,
Nutrition + Sleep + DNA = Height

Las deficiencias nutricionales pueden impedir que los niños crezcan a su altura óptima. Diseñamos nuestro multivitamínico desde cero con expertos para garantizar que sus hijos obtengan exactamente lo que sus cuerpos necesitan para alcanzar su máximo potencial de altura.