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Kids Screen Time

Fun Ways to Reduce Screen Time And Get Kids Active

Written by: Christian Kent Aguillon



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As parents, we all share the boundless joy of watching our toddlers grow, explore, and discover the world around them. Every giggle, every step, and every newfound word are precious milestones that paint the canvas of their incredible journey. Yet, in this age of digital distractions and busy lifestyles, how can we ensure that we're providing the optimal environment for our toddlers to thrive?

You know, those fun games and adorable moments of screen time might have some charm, but let's be honest – is it the healthiest solution? Sure, it can help them learn a bit, but it's equally important to get those little legs moving with some daily activities. Setting those healthy limits may not always be a walk in the park, but trust me, it's super important for their well-being.

In this blog, let's explore some fun ways to gently guide those screens away from our little one's play areas. Because, after all, we want our sweethearts to stay active, engaged, and wrapped in the warmth of wholesome development. 

Benefits of Reducing your Kid’s screen time

Of course, less time with screens means more playtime, which is great to make those little bones get moving which is important for their physical growth. Plus, it's way easier for them to get a good night's sleep without the blue light from screens messing with their sleep cycle. And the best part? It helps boost their social and thinking skills since they get to play and interact more, which is really important in this stage.


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises limiting screen time to one hour per day for kids aged 2 to 5.

To tackle this, try setting guidelines on how to reduce screen time for your little ones (it gets easier, promise!),  keep devices out of bedrooms, be the guardian while they’re browsing, and create tech-free zones during family time.

Children playing outside

Let’s cut to the chase: cutting down screen time not only boosts their  communication skills but also gives your kiddos more time to wiggle around and ensure they get the quality sleep they need. By establishing a healthy habit for your children’s daily routine, making sure that they get occupied in making the most of  these exciting tasks, this way, they'll naturally want to do more physical activities! 

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Fun Ways to Reduce Your Kid’s Screen Time

As parents, our aim is to ensure our  children have a healthy lifestyle that includes fun to be active and engaged in the real world. Here are some fun ways to make your kid get more involved in action! 

Act out stories or skits

Give kids all sorts of costumes and watch their imaginations soar as they dress up and play out stories. Reading stories exposes toddlers to language rhythms and sparks imagination.  Cuddling them up with a book is a cozy way to bond and boost their emotional development!

Boy and Dog wearing their superhero costume

Get crafty

From coloring to crafting greeting cards for special occasions, introduce them to finger painting, potato printing, and various art techniques. It's all about sparking that creative flair!

Parents and their kids doing painting

Enlist their help

Get the little ones involved in making meals and snacks. They'll enjoy it, and it's a great way to teach them some kitchen skills. Plus, they can help with cleanup, too!

Mom teaching her kids to cook

Play music

Let them groove to their own beats! This helps your little ones talk better. Encourage language and communication skills through singing songs and nursery rhymes.

Kids getting involve

Puzzle time

Encouraging them to work on puzzles independently to boost problem-solving skills or team up for a collaborative puzzling adventure, helps promote teamwork and communication while having a blast!

Girl solving puzzles

Surprise box

Prepare a special box of activities they've never tried before. It'll keep them entertained while you take care of other tasks. Everyone wins!

Surpirse Box

Stay Connected

If your toddler persists, watching stuff together with your child and chatting about what they're seeing—talking about the ideas, thinking critically about it, and discussing how it might affect them—it's a win-win for bonding and keeping tabs on their screen time!

Father Cuddling with their child

Family Smoothie Time

Make smoothies together using a variety of fruits, yogurt, and a handful of leafy greens. Let your child experiment with different combinations to discover their favorite nutritious blend. It's a fun, tasty way to teach them about healthy eating.

Mother teaches son how to make smoothie

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Finding a balance between screens and playtime matters. Less screen time means more fun activities that boost skills like creativity and communication. By engaging in these fun activities, you're not just reducing screen time but also promoting a healthier, more captivating  lifestyle for your little ones.

And for added support in their growth journey, consider adding  TruHeight Toddler Brain and Bone Growth Gummies in your little one’s everyday activities.  Let's encourage their creativity and embrace screen-free play for a happier, healthier toddler ahead!

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