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Why choose the TruHeight®
Affiliate Program?

TruHeight® stands out in the market as a brand known for its clinically-proven height-growth supplements. By joining our affiliate program, you align yourself with a respected name in the industry, boosting your credibility and potential earnings.

At TruHeight®, we understand the importance of holistic growth. Our formula combines nutrition, sleep, and genetic factors to support height development. By becoming a TruHeight® affiliate, you contribute to a global mission of empowering children to achieve their full growth potential.

How does the TruHeight®
Affiliate Program work

As a TruHeight® affiliate, you'll earn commissions for every sale made through your platform. Simply place our links on your website or profile, and whenever a visitor clicks on the link and completes a purchase, you'll earn a commission. It's that simple!

Our Affiliate Program Advantages

Commission on new customer orders

Exclusive ShareSale merchant

Commission on returning customer orders

Custom creatives

Coupon affiliate commission

Monthly newsletters with updates on promotions, creatives, and sales opportunities

Cookie duration

Auto deposit ensuring the program never goes offline

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Joining our ShareASale affiliate program is simple and free. If you already have a ShareASale account, add merchant id 127968 or TruHeight at the “find a merchant box”. If you are new, click the link below to sign up and start earning a healthy commission starting today!

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